Fundacion La Pregunta Launches Mami&Me Community Nutrition and Exercise Program

"Mami's" Margie and Ana and Nutritionist Stacey

Last Saturday, April 10, La Pregunta’s sister non-profit Fundacion La Pregunta launched its pilot Community Nutrition and Exercise Program, Mami&Me. As the name suggests, the program is dedicated to girls (age eight to 12) and their mothers and other female guardians in uptown Manhattan. These are neighborhoods with high levels of childhood obesity, malnutrition and diabetes, and often limited options for healthy eating. We also know that women are the primary decision-makers in most households in these neighborhoods, therefore Mami&Me aims to engage current and future generations of household leaders in the discussion and practice of healthy living.

For the first half of each session, the girls will learn a fun, new and culturally relevant form of exercise, while mothers and guardians will join Mami&Me staff – Nutritionist Stacey Guillen, La Pregunta Founder Yscaira Jimenez, and Fundacion Director Jessica Vosburgh – to discuss a particular health-related topic. In the second half of the session, all participants will share a healthy and delicious meal prepared with locally available ingredients.

The group will meet every Saturday morning this spring, engaging in creative exercise forms such as capoeira (the Brazilian martial art), yoga, and physical theater, and discussing topics such as cholestorol, diabetes, body image and eating disorders, cancer and diet, and shopping for healthy options at local supermarkets and bodegas. You can email jessica@lapregunta.net to learn more.


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