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Monday Jam Sessions

NYChoro headlines our weekly Monday Jam Sessions TONIGHT


“i want you to listen to this. you’re going to like it”

On Saturday, May 1st we hosted A.Y.I. Unplugged featuring the 3-piece Indie/Alternative band A.Y.I. Hailing from New York and Republica Dominicana A.Y.I.’s sound encompasses traditional and contemporary musical elements from both regions. A.Y.I.’s frontwoman and guitarist Ayi Guzman cites a wide range of influences on their sounds from artists like Regina Spektor and Radiohead to Natalia Lafourcade and Luis Dias. Their 3-piece combines steady guitar chops with various percussion instruments and lush keyboard driven melodies in a style they call “experimental, alternative, folk, and rock”.

LA: How long have you been playing shows?
AYI: Our first gig was on March 17th. We just started playing shows and we aren’t particular to any scene yet. We’d like to to play for an audience that will support us. We want to move people.

LA: Why La Pregunta?
AYI: I played a solo show here for fun a year ago. I love this place. It’s got an artsy vibe to it and it supports artists in the neighborhood. It’s a good scene and place to chill.

LA: What’s your favorite song to cover?
AYI: My brother’s song, Ahora Que No Estas Aqui by Luis Guzman.

LA: How would you describe your sound in one word?
AYI: Funkification.

Photos by Luis Romano


Currently on Display: The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad

Dan Freeman
Bronx, NY

Dan Freeman is a paraprofessional who is passionate about working with children. He finds learning from his students just as –if not more, enriching than teaching. His goal in creating The Underground Railroad was to bring forth a historical consciousness of black freedom fighters that are not normally spoken about in the canon of American education systems. The use of subway cars are a reference 1980’s graffiti tags that are in danger of becoming completely removed from urban New York culture.
The Underground Railroad has been displayed multiple times in different school settings. Dan wishes to inspire his students to create art and take actions based on their everyday experiences. His use of subway cars, pastels, pens, markers, and the visibility of errors are purposefully a part of the display because “it is OK to make mistakes”, it encourages his students to do better.

Stay tuned for La Pregunta’s interview with Dan Freeman.


Happy Birthday La Pregunta

During the week of March 7th – 13th, La Pregunta celebrated its two year anniversary by inviting the community to party with us. The week included student tastings, faculty readings, late night parties, and live Salsa. That is to say, not much separated our birthday week from a normal week at La Pregunta. We pride ourself on bringing a diverse range of events under the roof of our space. Thanks for making it a hot two years.


On Display: Israel, Palestine, and the 21st Century Negro

Richard Marius’s exhibition Israel, Palestine and the 21st Century Negro has recently been the subject of critical discussion inside the exposed brick walls of La Pregunta. Since the beginning of the exhibition, many have expressed appreciation/opposition/curiousness towards his work. Regardless of the variety of opinions and criticisms his work has created, one thing is for sure: people are talking!

In an interview conducted by Winston, Richard gets verbose as he answers The Question:

Winston: What’s up with the 21st Century Negro and what is the connection to Israel/Palestine?

Richard: I was invited to a show last year, right after Obama won the election to celebrate black history month. When I submitted my paintings that were critical of Israel’s actions in Palestine, the black curator kicked me out of the show. So the 21st century Negro -the censorship of black radicals in the 21st century, tells you something about race and racism as a contemporary issue in the country. It points to how whiteness, blackness, colorism is still a crucial issue regardless of who is sitting in that white house. So the 21st century Negro is me and people like me, regardless of their race who disregard that censorship and continue to practice activism, radicalism, regardless of their race. They don’t let their race or ethnicity prevent them from speaking, because there are a lot of people of color who are afraid of speaking out against white supremacy and the situation it creates for people of color. I am treating Israel’s treatment of Palestine as similar to Europe’s treatment of the colonized people from Africa, Ireland, South America, and the North American “Indians” in their colonial and imperial process. I am here to say that I am Black, and I am going to talk about Israel, I am going to criticize Israel deeply, the same way I will criticize and denounce colonialism and imperialism regardless of what you think, regardless where you come from.



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