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Call for submissions: 2010 Uptown Arts Stroll Poster Contest

Calling all Heights Artists!! A chance to get your work featured around the hood and win a $500 honorarium!

nomaa logoNorthern Manhattan Arts Alliance announces Call for submissions: 2010 Uptown Arts Stroll Poster Contest

Deadline: Friday, April 16, 2010 – 5pm

Northern Manhattan’s annual arts festival returns this June!  The Uptown Arts Stroll invites neighborhood residents and visitors from the rest of the city to a month of art exhibitions and performances north of West 155th Street. The winning artist will receive a $500 honorarium.

Visit for more information on how to submit your work.



celebrating howard zinn

On Friday, April 9th the Uptown Branch of the International Socialist Organization held a screening of The People Speak. The documentary is currently “on tour” in honor of the late scholar/activist/producer Howard Zinn. Zinn’s  most acclaimed life work A People’s History of The United States radicalized historiography by challenging readers to understand history from the ‘ground-up’. The spirit of Howard Zinn’s  grass-roots politics deeply resonated in the audience at La Pregunta and the readings that followed the film.


Fundacion La Pregunta Launches Mami&Me Community Nutrition and Exercise Program

"Mami's" Margie and Ana and Nutritionist Stacey

Last Saturday, April 10, La Pregunta’s sister non-profit Fundacion La Pregunta launched its pilot Community Nutrition and Exercise Program, Mami&Me. As the name suggests, the program is dedicated to girls (age eight to 12) and their mothers and other female guardians in uptown Manhattan. These are neighborhoods with high levels of childhood obesity, malnutrition and diabetes, and often limited options for healthy eating. We also know that women are the primary decision-makers in most households in these neighborhoods, therefore Mami&Me aims to engage current and future generations of household leaders in the discussion and practice of healthy living.

For the first half of each session, the girls will learn a fun, new and culturally relevant form of exercise, while mothers and guardians will join Mami&Me staff – Nutritionist Stacey Guillen, La Pregunta Founder Yscaira Jimenez, and Fundacion Director Jessica Vosburgh – to discuss a particular health-related topic. In the second half of the session, all participants will share a healthy and delicious meal prepared with locally available ingredients.

The group will meet every Saturday morning this spring, engaging in creative exercise forms such as capoeira (the Brazilian martial art), yoga, and physical theater, and discussing topics such as cholestorol, diabetes, body image and eating disorders, cancer and diet, and shopping for healthy options at local supermarkets and bodegas. You can email to learn more.



A part of our commitment to being a space where culture, community, and service meets can be found in our Saturday morning activities. On March 27th, we collaborated with Uppademics to bring a live music producing/beat making demonstration to our floors.

Uppademics is a group that seeks to educate academically, historically, financially, and socially deprived peoples through art, law, and engineering. Uppademics seeks to tie in that innate knowledge of art to the scholastic endeavor, so that the student can not only build upon that talent, but also investigate their interests in engineering, law, and other academic fields. (They) propose a project that can encourage youth to explore their career opportunities without sacrificing their passions.

The lecture on beat making was just one of several workshops Uppademics has collaborated with us on. More information about the minds behind the project can be found here.


Happy Birthday La Pregunta

During the week of March 7th – 13th, La Pregunta celebrated its two year anniversary by inviting the community to party with us. The week included student tastings, faculty readings, late night parties, and live Salsa. That is to say, not much separated our birthday week from a normal week at La Pregunta. We pride ourself on bringing a diverse range of events under the roof of our space. Thanks for making it a hot two years.



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