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Monday Jam Sessions

NYChoro headlines our weekly Monday Jam Sessions TONIGHT


“i want you to listen to this. you’re going to like it”

On Saturday, May 1st we hosted A.Y.I. Unplugged featuring the 3-piece Indie/Alternative band A.Y.I. Hailing from New York and Republica Dominicana A.Y.I.’s sound encompasses traditional and contemporary musical elements from both regions. A.Y.I.’s frontwoman and guitarist Ayi Guzman cites a wide range of influences on their sounds from artists like Regina Spektor and Radiohead to Natalia Lafourcade and Luis Dias. Their 3-piece combines steady guitar chops with various percussion instruments and lush keyboard driven melodies in a style they call “experimental, alternative, folk, and rock”.

LA: How long have you been playing shows?
AYI: Our first gig was on March 17th. We just started playing shows and we aren’t particular to any scene yet. We’d like to to play for an audience that will support us. We want to move people.

LA: Why La Pregunta?
AYI: I played a solo show here for fun a year ago. I love this place. It’s got an artsy vibe to it and it supports artists in the neighborhood. It’s a good scene and place to chill.

LA: What’s your favorite song to cover?
AYI: My brother’s song, Ahora Que No Estas Aqui by Luis Guzman.

LA: How would you describe your sound in one word?
AYI: Funkification.

Photos by Luis Romano


After-Work Salsa

Every Wednesday evening at 7:3o, La Pregunta hosts free Salsa lessons with J. R. The first hour  is spent going over basic instructions on Salsa dancing, while the remainder of the night is used to heat things up. Every other Wednesday, Sara joins us at 9:30 to provide live Salsa music with her band.

La Pregunta interview’s J.R. about After-work Salsa:

LA: How long have you been dancing Salsa?

JR: A little bit over ten years.

LA: Where did you first learn to dance Salsa?

JR: I learned at Booker T. Washington, a middle school on 108th street.

LA: What inspired you to teach Salsa?

JR: My dad. He was always on top of me. I had the rythym. He was doing the Salsa thing and one day I tried it. It was something I had inside of me that I didn’t know. When it happened, I liked it. I started teaching people because I felt good about it. It’s a good thing.

LA:How many students do you usually teach?

JR: I teach at 125th street every Thursday and Friday. I average about 50 people a night. Here at La Pregunta it varies: one week it might be five, one week it might be twenty, one week it might be three. It depends.

LA: Do you ever collaborate with other programs as a Salsa instructor?

JR: Yes, I do a lot of dancing for different companies. Sometimes we do events for hospitals, it has varried a lot over the past ten years.

LA: Do you ever run in to your students?

JR: Oh yes, all the time. They are everywhere I go.

LA: What would you like to see After-Work Salsa to develop in to?

JR: My goal is to teach. I want to make sure that everyone that comes to the class learns the right way, so that whenever they go out people will say “Where did you learn how to dance?”. I want everyone to be really good at what they do.

Stop by on Wednesdays at 7:30 to get your Salsa on.


NEXT Monday: NYChoro + Guitar Coyote & The Roadhouse Ramblers

NYChoro @ La Pregunta

NYChoro composed of David Cordeiro (guitar/vocal), Livio Almeida (saxophone), Scott Colberg (bass), and Luiz Ebert (percussion) will be playing the classics arrangements of choro mixed with jazz.
Followed by Guitar Coyote & the Roadhouse Ramblers, traveling through the

world of blues. And a blues jam session after to invite everybody to be part of this gathering.

Don’t miss this event!

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